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Deep Discount Gems is a manufacturers agent that represents a team of highly experienced gem mines and gem cutters devoted to finding you the highest quality faceted gemstones, at the best possible prices. Most of our featured colored gemstones are produced in Thailand, but we also have sources in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, and India, as well as many new and exciting finds from Africa and Madagascar.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Since our goal is to build a long term relationship with our customers, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!

DeepDiscountGems.com’s commitment to you is as follows:

1. We strive to accurately describe all of our featured gemstones with respect to type, size, weight, shape, color, clarity, and place of origin. All gem treatments are disclosed in product descriptions.

2. All photographs are of the specific gemstone offered for sale. We do not retouch any of our product photos.

3. All payment and credit card information is handled on a secure (SSL) page by PayPal. DeepDiscountGems.com does not have any access to your credit card or financial information, and we do not store any customer information on our servers.

4. Your Privacy is our top priority! We will never sell your email address, browsing patterns, or any other personal information…period!

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